OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® UV-C lamps inside major Water Purifier brands have been protecting many, for decades. Please don’t risk your health by replacing the UVC tube with a fake light during servicing of your water purifier.

As per a report published by the Global Lighting Association, “UVC treatment is an established technology for disinfection and has been applied extensively since 1910 when it was discovered that it can neutralize microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and yeasts, as well as – and very importantly – viruses.

The effectiveness of UVC radiation as a disinfectant is determined by:

  • Action spectrum of the microorganisms and/or viruses
  • The wavelength of the UVC radiation (common unit: nm)
  • UVC dose, or fluence, (UVC energy/unit area, common units: J/m2 or mJ/cm2) which is the product of:
  • UVC irradiance, which is the UV-C power/unit area (common units: W/m2 or μW/cm2); and
  • Amount of time the microorganism or virus is exposed to the radiation (common unit: s).”

Importance Water Purifier Services

Keeping the body hydrated is vital for the health of both kids and adults. More than 60% of the human body constitute water which makes half of the human body weight. The human body performs all kind of physical activities, and almost all of it needs pure water.

The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidney are 79% water. Blood has a large amount of water, which carries oxygen to the cells of our body.

Osram Water Purifications

Drinking water if not cleaned properly may develop bacteria, viruses or parasites(pathogens), that can be harmful to your body. These pathogens can make kids and adults sick. Drinking such water is not recommended for drinking.

One of the most effective ways of eradicating pathogens from water is the use of UVC light. OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® UVCproduced in Europe is ozone free solution. These germicidal lamps emit UVC light at 254 nm, which is very close to the highest effectiveness. These UVC Light lamps easily fit into the fittings developed for water purification. 

The provision of clean water is one of the most significant determinants at home as well as in educational establishments. The physical and mental growth of the child is directly affected by the quality of water. Water purifiers with obsolete UV-C light may not be able to completely eradicate the presence of these harmful pathogens. It is essential to change the UV-C tube during service of the water purifier – be it at home or at educational institutions.


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The UVC light emitted generates purification light that breaks down the DNA (fundamental building block) of the bacteria’s cell and stops it from multiplying and stopping the growth of the virus completely. The UVC light is the answer to the water purifier needs of household as well as educational institutions.

OSRAM is one of the very few trusted suppliers of UV-C lamps to most of the leading Water Purifier brands – specifically in the household Water Purifier segment. Every Blue light tube, not necessarily a genuine UVC producing tube.
Few other applications of OSRAM HNS® UVC lamps are – Hospitals, Doctors’ practices, Offices, Storage rooms, Food processing units, Restaurants etc.

For detailed product specifications of HNS® UVC Lamps, please visit: https://www.osram.com/pia/applications/industry/purification/air_purification.jsp

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