SIRIUS HRI® Moving Head Lamps – Unveiling the excellence.

In the world of entertainment lighting, ams OSRAM’s SIRIUS HRI® lamps designed for moving head lights have established a reputation for their exceptional performance and precision. These lamps, specifically designed for small moving head fixtures, have become a go-to choice for lighting professionals seeking unparalleled reliability and versatility. In this article, we delve into the remarkable capabilities of SIRIUS HRI® lamps, their advanced design features, and the collaborative approach of ams OSRAM towards delivering tailored lighting solutions.

Compact design and reliable performance

The compact and lightweight design of SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps ensure ease of handling without compromising stability. These lamps have been engineered with optimized burners for different operating positions, resulting in consistent light output and remarkable luminance. The SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamp family offers a comprehensive product portfolio with three different versions, each with different characteristics for different requirements. Whether illuminating large or small stages, SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps deliver precise and reliable performance, making them a trusted choice for lighting professionals around the globe.

Streamlined replacement process

One of the standout features of SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps is their innovative reflector design, which simplifies the lamp replacement process. The burners are carefully aligned within the reflector, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance. This not only saves valuable time during productions but also ensures optimal positioning for maximum efficiency. Lighting technicians and designers can rely on the seamless integration of SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps with existing setups, thanks to the inclusion of optimized electronic control gear (ECG).

Collaborative approach to customization

ams OSRAM takes pride in its collaborative partnerships with lighting fixture manufacturers worldwide. The company’s professional team works closely with partners to design tailored lighting solutions that meet specific requirements. This collaborative approach enables ams OSRAM to develop customized products upon request, further optimizing the performance and qualification of SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps. Lighting professionals seeking personalized solutions can rely on ams OSRAM’s dedicated customer service for inquiries and support.

The future of entertainment lighting

As the entertainment lighting industry continues to evolve, SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps by ams OSRAM are poised to play a significant role. Their exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility make them a valuable asset for lighting professionals. With ongoing advancements and a commitment to meeting the unique demands of the industry, ams OSRAM remains at the forefront of delivering lighting solutions that elevate the art of visual storytelling.


With their compact design, reliable performance, and streamlined replacement process, SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps from ams OSRAM have become a preferred choice in the field of entertainment lighting. Lighting professionals value their exceptional capabilities, optimized burners, and seamless integration within existing setups. As a collaborative partner, ams OSRAM continues to innovate and provide customized solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. With SIRIUS HRI® moving head lamps, the future of entertainment lighting shines bright and promises to elevate productions to new heights of excellence.

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