Club and DJ lighting calls for dazzling effects that complement the rhythms of the music and make club evenings and live performances energizing and fun. Powerful light with intense colors from small and compact moving heads and scanners lights the night like no other. OSRAM continues to innovate to provide compact, cost-effective light sources that allow the movement of light to keep us in the groove.

Entertainment Light osram

General products, standard working mode, short arc, and high pressure. Standard product offering the best value for the price-focused buyer. High output with enhanced center intensity. Ideal for small events, DJ/club, and venues.

OSRAM has a professional team working with lighting fixture manufacturers worldwide to design specific products suited to the requirements of various brands.

How to find which fixture brand needs what model of SIRIUS HRI®?

It is so simple, just select the brand name and model no. of the lighting fixture, and the below tool will show you the corresponding SIRIUS HRI® model no. used in that fixture.

Osram Online Tool


  • High luminous intensity
  • Bright center beam
  • Small arc gap
  • High color temperature
  • Suitable for simple moving heads
  • Designed for the value-driven purchaser

Applications of SIRIUS HRI® VALUE

  • Entertainment stage lighting
  • Small events
  • Theme parks
  • DJ/Club

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