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 Microscope Lights and their role in Medical Industry

The microscope has been successful in various fields such as biology, chemical, microbiology, fibres, medicines etc. The microscopic light emitted from the microscope is intended to transfer light through an object translucent in nature.

Microscope Mercury light, Microscope Halogen light and Microscope Xenon Light are also used as a light source of illumination for specialized forms of microscopy. An external power source manages these lamps by first igniting the lamp, then providing the correct current to maintain constant light.

The world of medical science has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few decades. The quest to find the microbial nature of both living and non-living things have always fascinated the human minds. We have grown a lot, but still, there is a number of unanswered questions, that are left unanswered.

To find the answer to these questions, medical experts and scientists need to observe the objects closely. Thankfully, microscopes made viewing and analysing matter at a minuscule level easy. And the microscope lights have been playing a very crucial role since the beginning.

Osram Microscope Light


Microscope Lights and their performance

Microscope Mercury high-pressure light bulbs have better performance than the standard incandescent lamps. These bulbs have bright light, more modest dimension, longer lamp life and better economy.

The Microscope Halogen light bulb has halogen filled in their glass bulb for getting all the vaporized tungsten returned to the filament. Illumination from Microscope’s Halogen light is remarkably uniform throughout the bulb life, depending on lamp type ranging from 50-2000 hours. The Microscopic halogen lamp emits a spectrum like sunlight with a colour temperature ranging from 2900-3350 K.

OSRAM medical lights for microscopy provide illumination for medical and life science systems for laboratories. Photomicrography also uses a microscope light(Halogen lightbulb) with a colour film that produces a colour temperature matching that of the film emulsion, usually somewhere in the range between 3150 K and 3250 K.

OSRAM microscope lights are embedded seamlessly in a wide range of microscopes used in various fields. Advanced German engineering and state of the art development process result in products with consistent performance. This makes them the perfect product to come to your rescue in the case of all your lab needs.

S. No. OSRAM Code                Description      Web Link
1 64627 64627 HLX EF 100W GZ6.35 20X1      OSRAM https://bit.ly/2NqFprw
2 64634  64634 HLX 150W 15V PT GZ6.35 20X1  OSRAM https://bit.ly/3vvmOLR
3 64635 64635 HLX 150W GZ6.35 20X1         OSRAM https://bit.ly/3bSn7sk
4 64633 64633 HLX 150W Gy6.35 40 X1 Osram https://bit.ly/3vur9z1
5 64225 64225 M/29 10W 6V G4 40X1 ESA      OSRAM https://bit.ly/3bOv1TC
6 64250 64250 HLX 20W G4 40X1 M/30         OSRAM https://bit.ly/3qSBl0C
7 64260 64260 M/185 30W 12V PG22 30X1      OSRAM https://bit.ly/38Hcozi
8 64222 64222 10W 6V PG22 30X1             OSRAM https://bit.ly/3ttTOm9
9 64251 64251 HLX 20W PG22 30X1 CZ301387   OSRAM https://bit.ly/3cwEJcy
10 HBO 103/2 HBO 103W/2 10X1                    OSRAM https://bit.ly/3ljTByS
11 XBO 75W/2 XBO 75W/2 OFR 10X1                 OSRAM https://bit.ly/3rRb6t3
12 HBO 100/2 HBO 100W/2 10*1 Osram https://bit.ly/2Q0vB8o
13 HBO 50W/2 HBO 50W/2 10X1 Osram https://bit.ly/38KHQMP

OSRAM creates exciting innovations that enable its customers in the consumer, automotive, healthcare and industrial sectors to maintain their competitive edge and drive innovation that meaningfully improves the quality of life in terms of health, safety and convenience while reducing the impact on the environment. Medical Light is one such essential product range where OSRAM has mastered over decades and this includes microscope lights, surgical lights, endoscopy lights, bilirubin lights, dental lights and diagnostics equipment manufacturing lights

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