The gym is probably the only place where people sweat and exchange body contact via the machines and equipment. With so much body contact, it implies that it’s the place where indoor pollutants such as harmful bacteria or viruses can create their habitat.

During the workout, excessive physical exercise enforces our body to feed more oxygen to the heart resulting in calorie burn. However, with oxygen, we tend to inhale harmful pollutants into the body. These harmful bacteria can affect the immune system or respiratory system hampering the overall performance.

When we go to the gym, we push our bodies to the limit, hoping to become stronger, healthier, and fitter. The truth is that many modern gyms, particularly those in urban areas, may be harmful to our health. Levels of airborne dust have been found to be high in gyms, partly caused by the high human traffic and constant movement of people and equipment

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Despite the best intentions of obtaining a healthy lifestyle by working out in a gym, we are not entirely safe from the potential health hazards. Most of the gyms that we work out in, mainly in the suburban areas, due to their indoor closed confined space can be harmful to our health. With numerous people, sweating and breathing in defined spaces, using shared equipment increases airborne dust in the air.

If anyone contracts a virus and starts feeling unwell, they tend to continue to exercise, to feed to the common notion of “make the illness go away by sweating”. With exercise, the rate of breathing increases, delivering air pollution faster into the gym environment. The nostrils, the natural filtration system of our body, is bypassed as we inhale and exhale through the mouth when we palpitate for air.

The use of air filters can help considerably in creating a healthy environment. It filters the air pollutants from entering our lungs and allows us to breathe more freely.

Air-conditioning systems in gyms eradicate the issues of heat and humidity, but if they are not regularly maintained, it can become a habitat for bacteria and viruses. Due to lack of maintenance, the AC ducts gets accumulated with loads of harmful germs that can enter inside with ac vents.

Regular cleaning of AC ducts can help substantially, but it does not kill the bacteria completely. One of the most effective ways of removing these germs is Ultraviolet (UV-C) purification. UV purification breaks the cell structure of these viruses inhibiting these pollutants from mutating further.

OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® UV-C germicidal lamps emit light at 254 nm, which is very close to the maximum effectiveness, and are ozone-free. The installation of these UV-C lamps is effortless as they easily fit into the UV-C fixtures specifically developed for ventilation ducts. When the air passes through the air ducts of the air conditioners, the UV-C radiation breaks down the DNA (fundamental building block) of the bacteria’s cell and stops it from multiplying.

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Application of HNS® UV-C lamps used in air purification devices for – Hospitals, Doctors’ practices, Offices, Storage rooms, Food processing units, Restaurants, etc.

For detailed product specifications of HNS® UVC Lamps, please visit: https://www.osram.com/pia/applications/industry/purification/air_purification.jsp

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