UVC Light and its role in Healthcare

Most of you are aware that UVC light is used inside the majority of household water purifiers to eradicate harmful pathogens. You would be amazed to know that the same UVC light can also be used in HVAC or AC Ducts to disinfect air from harmful bacteria/ virus.

Hospital hygiene is a prerequisite for the reduction of diseases and requires state-of-the-art administrative tactics in order to safeguard both the healthcare workforce and hospitalized patients. One such hygiene parameter is to make sure that the quality of air emitted from AC Duct or HVAC(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, or air conditioners need to be pure, virus-free and clean. Here’s where the role of UVC Light technology comes to play.

A healthy population tends to be more productive and helpful to bring any country forward. Hospitals play a vital role in any society as they are establishments that provide treatment with specialized medical and nursing teams, which are crucial for any society to keep flourishing.

Hospital Lights

One of the essential elements of a healthy ecosystem is healthy air, which is fundamental in medical establishments, not only for the patients but for the medical and support staff as well. Air contamination is correlated with many health conditions, hence hospitals put utmost importance on maintaining the air quality from HVAC systems in check.

Hospitals maintain a clean atmosphere by installing an AC Duct or HVAC systems within the premises. This provides relief from external heat and humidity, but if not cleaned regularly, it may become a breeding ground for harmful pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. If left unchecked, these pollutants accumulate in the AC Duct or HVAC ducts and get released into the environment via the vents. A germ-free environment is vital in a hospital since patients are not immune to these harmful bacteria.

Though regular cleaning may help, it does not kill the bacteria completely. One of the effective ways of killing these pollutants is through Ultraviolet (UVC Lights ) purification. UVC Light purification is an effective method of killing these harmful pollutants. They break the cell structure of these bacteria and prohibit pollutants from multiplying.

UVC light applications have been one of the core competencies in OSRAM with specific requirements like the ones designed for HVAC or AC Ducts

UVC Light Technology Use As Medium  Of  Purification

Most people don’t think of light as a means of purifying or disinfecting, but special OSRAM “germicidal” lamps emit high-intensity ultraviolet light that purifies the air, water, and surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® UVC Light-based germicidal lamps emit light at 254 nm, which is very close to the maximum effectiveness, and are ozone-free. The installation of these UVC lamps is effortless as they easily fit into the UVC fixtures specifically developed for ventilation ducts. When the air passes through the air ducts of the air conditioners, the UVC Light radiation breaks down the DNA (fundamental building block) of the bacteria’s cell and stops it from multiplying.

To summarize, OSRAM UVC tubes have the following benefits that are best suited for your HVAC systems:

  • Low-pressure Hg discharge lamp
  • RoHS compliant
  • With UVC transparent long-life coating
  • Soft glass tube
  • Single UVC peak @ 254nm
  • Not generating ozone
  • High efficiency




OSRAM HNS® UVC Light tubes are also used in air purification devices for – supermarkets, doctors’ practices, offices, storage rooms, food processing units, gyms, malls, etc.

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For detailed product specifications of OSRAM HNS® UVC tubes and to view more of our range, visit: https://www.osram.com/pia/applications/industry/purification/air_purification.jsp


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