Creating an appealing and visual video or film requires a whole lot of features. One of the most significant aspects of this process is Cinematography, which is fundamental to this trait. With the help of absolute timing and planning, we can make sure that the final product has a lasting impact. One of the prerequisites of effective cinematography is the use of lighting and understanding the basic ideology behind the same.

The importance of light in video and film production is of prime importance since the cameras can’t respond to light the way human eyes do. The amount of details, contrast, and colours absorbed by a human eye is immensely complex and unique. The cameras are not capable of implementing the same kind of complex processing. Additional lighting is used to make up for the loss of the camera image processing capabilities and to produce the video and image quality as comparable as to the human eye. The higher and excellent quality of the video and film production is backed by the equal quality of lighting behind it.

Behind a successful video or film project, many significant aspects need to be taken into consideration. Some of the most important factors include location, usage of ambient light, changing conditions, shadows, and natural light, and many others. These factors play a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality of the project. Any project is dependent on the light for its execution. Key light, fill light and backlight are quintessential before setting up the rest of the equipment.

OSRAM, the inventor of HMI® lights has gradually improved its high-quality Studio Lamps with exciting innovations.

OSRAM HMI® DIGITAL’s line of single-ended metal halide lamps offers extremely bright light (of up to 100 lumens per watt), a color temperature that approximates daylight (6000 K), and a high color rendering index (> 90). Whether using analog or digital film, OSRAM’s HMI DIGITAL line has a lamp for your production. With single-ended metal halide lamps ranging from 200 W to 18000 W, HMI DIGITAL is suited for entertainment applications from film sets to theater stages.

OSRAM HMI® STUDIO lamps shine twice brighter as a tungsten halogen lamp with similar wattage. These metal halide lamps provide a natural-looking light and reveal a set’s true colors with a high CRI of more than 90. With the patented doped UV-Stop quartz outer jacket, these lamps reduce the harmful UVB and UVC emissions by 99.9%. Compared to a traditional studio lighting setup with multiple tungsten halogen and metal halide lamp fixtures, using HMI® STUDIO in daylight fixtures makes separate halogen fixtures redundant. When paired with fixtures, HMI® STUDIO lamps deliver a warm tungsten color temperature. Film and TV productions can save time and become more cost-effective while benefiting from two times the brightness (compared to tungsten halogen lamps of a similar wattage).

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