Creating a video involves a lot of pre-planning and intricate activities that are essential for the overall performance of the content. These steps may sometimes appear long and complex. These steps may appear unnecessarily long to the layman but are very important for the production. The more time the production team spends on making sure the lighting is correct for the first time saves a lot of time in the editing room. The overall quality of the video or image may be compromised if the light is not correct for the first time or doesn’t match the other aspects of the shoot. Lighting is the most important thing during shooting since it provides the overall theme of the project and this is near to impossible to fix during the editing or post-production.


If the lighting product is available in the market for mass use, it becomes readily available for all kinds of content creators irrespective of the budget. With the proper understanding of the basics and the complexity of the process behind the video creation, the art of creating videos may not seem to be a gigantic task at may appear at first. Understanding the right usage of equipment helps the creator to achieve the desired content with a minimalistic effort.

When a new project is taken into consideration factors such as lighting needs to be taken into account from the outset. Video and image creation is an art that involves understanding various elements that go into making the project. Lighting is among the most important aspect that can not be ignored by any production team. Lighting analogs may appear intimidating but with proper understanding and experience, one can champion them.

OSRAM, the inventor of HMI® lights has gradually improved its high-quality Studio Lamps with exciting innovations

OSRAM HMI® DIGITAL’s line of single-ended metal halide lamps offers extremely bright light (of up to 100 lumens per watt), a color temperature that approximates daylight (6000 K), and a high color rendering index (> 90). Whether using analog or digital film, OSRAM’s HMI DIGITAL line has a lamp for your production. With single-ended metal halide lamps ranging from 200 W to 18000 W, HMI DIGITAL is suited for entertainment applications from film sets to theater stages.

Entertainment Lighting

OSRAM HMI® STUDIO lamps shine twice brighter as a tungsten halogen lamp with similar wattage. These metal halide lamps provide a natural-looking light and reveal a set’s true colors with a high CRI of more than 90. With the patented doped UV-Stop quartz outer jacket, these lamps reduce the harmful UVB and UVC emissions by 99.9%. Compared to a traditional studio lighting setup with multiple tungsten halogen and metal halide lamp fixtures, using HMI® STUDIO in daylight fixtures makes separate halogen fixtures redundant. When paired with fixtures, HMI® STUDIO lamps deliver a warm tungsten color temperature. Film and TV productions can save time and become more cost-effective while benefiting from two times the brightness (compared to tungsten halogen lamps of a similar wattage.

Osram Focus Light

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