“There is still a reason why many lighting designers choose light sources of Lok-It! Lamps, because in addition to being used in all types of projectors (Beam, Spot, and Wash), they can be used in many applications ranging from Rock & Roll to Theaters and Television studios, thanks to their flexibility of use, and high quality of light emitted. Light is emotion! Light is OSRAM!” Antonio Marino- Global Sales Entertainment.

Whether it is in concerts, light shows, theatre, opera, clubs, TV studios, and more – there is a growing number of applications high-performance lamps need to cover. Light also determines how an audience perceives every element on stage. From performers and sets to costumes and props, let the vibrant, true-to-life colors of your production shine with Lok-it®. OSRAM has enhanced the Lok-it® Power Series family to meet an even broader range of applications. Now there are specific lamps suited to the specific needs of the production.

Entertainment Lighting

A special lamp filling in all Lok-it® Power Series models reduces the green tone that is otherwise common in metal-halide lamps. With a CRI of over 90, these lamps provide for optimal light quality and render color in a way that looks natural. The ceramic base also makes them resistant to high-ignition voltages of up to 35 kilovolts (kV). Due to their compact dimensions and short arc gap, the Lok-it® Power Series can be used to realize smaller and therefore brighter solutions.

Look IT Osram

Few more salient features of Lok-it® are:

  • The natural tone of light, with a CRI of > 90
  • Higher luminous efficiency than standard HID lamps
  • Optimized filling for uniform light emission and a reduction in green tones
  • Compact size and short arc gap for the use in smaller and brighter fixtures
  • Higher luminous efficiency than standard HID lamps
  • Optimized filling for uniform light emission and reduced output in the green wavelengths common to HID lamps
  • “Plug-and-play” base (PGJX28 or PGJX36)

How to know which lighting brand needs what model of OSRAM Lok-it®?

It is so simple, just select the brand name and model no. of the lighting fixture, and the below tool will show you the corresponding Lok-it model no. used in that fixture.


Osram Online Tool

For more details, please visit our brand website – https://www.osram.com/pia/applications/entertainment/stage-and-theater-lighting/lok-it/index.jsp

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