UV-C disinfection equipment can employ single or multiple UV-C lamps depending on its area of function. The high reliability of UV-C disinfection equipment with UV-C lamps is expected to drive the demand from various applications. The performance of a UV-C germicidal irradiance depends on correct design calculations with proper derating and life estimations followed by thorough evaluation through testing and verification.

Osram Lights for Office
A healthy environment is essential in an office as that sets the mood right away for the employees. Studies have demonstrated that an office with a favorable and healthy environment improves production by many folds. It not only boosts the productivity of the employees but also helps with keeping top quality personnel and strengthen the interpersonal relationship. Air conditioners in the office provide a suitable environment to work.

Likewise, to our AC’s at home, Office Air conditioners also need routine maintenance and cleaning. Bacteria and viruses could accumulate over the period if proper care is not taken. These bacteria and viruses once heaped up inside the AC can further enter the room through the AC ducts and may lead to unhealthy air. Since not using the air conditioners is not an option, what we can do is kill those bacteria before it enters the room.

Ultraviolet (UV-C) purification is the de-facto way of eradicating these harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. OSRAM PURITEC® HNS® UV-C germicidal lamps emit light at 254 nm, which is very close to the maximum effectiveness, and are ozone-free. The installation of these UV-C lamps is effortless as they easily fit into the UV-C fixtures specifically developed for ventilation ducts. When the air passes through the air ducts of the air conditioners, the UV-C radiation breaks down the DNA (fundamental building block) of the bacteria’s cell and stops it from multiplying.

91 Bacteria / Virus free air in offices can restore not only the health but also the productivity and creativity of employees: OSRAM HSN® UV-C Lamps for AC Ducts
Application of HNS® UV-C lamps used in air purification devices for – Hospitals, Doctors’ practices, Offices, Storage rooms, Food processing units, Restaurants, etc.

For detailed product specifications of HNS® UVC Lamps, please visit: https://www.osram.com/pia/applications/industry/purification/air_purification.jsp

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